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This website offers two wireless access options.


A WAP edition of this website can be accessed at footyforecaster.com/wap. The content delivered at this URL is WML 1.1.


The Footy Forecaster MIDlet is a small Java application that can be run on any wireless handheld device, such as a mobile phone or PDA, that supports MIDP 1.0. It provides these devices with an alternative to WAP for accessing this site. The advantage of the MIDlet is that forecasts are saved on the device meaning that subsequent viewings do not require reconnection.

Version 1.0.0 of the MIDlet is available below:

The PRC file is specifically for Palm devices using Palm OS 3.5, whilst the JAD/JAR files are appropriate for all other MIDP 1.0 devices. These files can also be obtained from the WAP edition of this site.


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Wireless Access

This site can be accessed via WAP and also via the Footy Forecaster MIDlet for mobile devices with Java technology.