Version History

5.1.0Feb 17 2011 Super14 converted over to Super 15.
5.0.2May 13 2007 Ported to Tomcat 6.
5.0.1Jul 17 2006 Added match scores to the Match Results pages.
5.0.0Mar 21 2006 Implemented a new forecast and ratings model. Introduced the Footy Forecaster feed.
4.2.0Feb 10 2006 Super12 converted over to Super14.
4.1.2Jan 12 2006 Traffic History page is now functional.
4.1.1Oct 10 2005 Fair Odds format is now selectable as Decimal, Fractional or American.
4.1.0Sep 17 2005 NFL added as the fourth league supported by this site.
4.0.6Apr 26 2005 A few minor HTML and CSS hacks to make this site compatible with IE5.x.
4.0.5Mar 30 2005 Tweaked the final ladder forecast on the Season Forecast page. A forecast for AFL and NRL finals fixtures is now generated after each round. Fixed a couple of mistakes in the NRL database.
4.0.4Mar 21 2005 Season Forecast page now displays a predicted final ladder for AFL and NRL.
4.0.3Mar 20 2005 Added the Ladder page for AFL and NRL.
4.0.2Mar 14 2005 Fine-tuned the AFL forecasting model. Optimized the size of a number of pages. Various other minor tweaks and fixes.
4.0.1Feb 28 2005 Fixed glitches in the Form Guides, the Fair Odds calculations and the MIDlet handling. Made all pages validate as XHTML 1.0 Strict.
4.0.0Feb 24 2005 Implemented a new forecast and ratings model. Probabilities and fair odds now generated for each forecast match. Form Guide added for each league. Converted the old news page into a blog. Font size is now selectable. Complete HTML makeover with CSS instead of tables now used for layout. Upgraded to servlets 2.4 and JSP 2.0, with the JSP Standard Tag Library 1.1.1 now used instead of custom tags.
3.3.2Jan 15 2005 News articles now stored in a MySQL database instead of flat files.
3.3.1Jan 10 2005 Internal traffic statistics now stored in a MySQL database instead of flat files.
3.3.0Dec 28 2004 Converted the site from a proprietary flat-file database to a MySQL database accessed via JDBC.
3.2.0Jul 30 2003 Added support for the FootyForecaster MIDlet, with servlets and JSPs used to deliver XML content. Added the Downloads page from which the MIDlet can be obtained.
3.1.2May 24 2003 Made a little fix so that the site can handle a league in which there are no unplayed rounds, now that the Super12 season has finished.
3.1.1May 05 2003 Fixed the feedback form such that it is now properly handled by a servlet, with e-mail dispatched via the Java Mail API.
3.1.0May 04 2003 Upgraded the HTML edition of the site from transitional HTML 4.01 to strict XHTML 1.0. Ratings graphs can now be used to compare two teams.
3.0.2Apr 12 2003 Median Error is now displayed. Upgraded custom tag library to use JSP 1.2.
3.0.1Mar 16 2003 Renamed Northern Eagles to Manly. Fixed a tiny bug in the ratings graphs.
3.0.0Feb 27 2003 Implemented a revised forecasting model. Super 12 now supported. Added ratings graphs and result histories. Site design converted to a J2EE MVC architecture utilizing Java Servlets, Java Beans, JavaServer Pages and custom tags.
2.0.2May 03 2002 Added a news page. Reversed the order of the rounds in the Data Sample End list.
2.0.1Apr 29 2002 Minor bug fix so that archived forecasts can handle results in which one team scored zero.
2.0.0Apr 22 2002 Applet-based site superseded by a servlet-based site so that users do not need the Java plug-in. NRL capability added. Every page can now be printed, saved and bookmarked. WAP capability added, so now get on your mobile!
1.0.1Aug 02 2001 Season Score added to the Forecast display.
1.0.0Jul 29 2001 The web site is unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.


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