Super Rugby Form Guide 2017

TeamSemis Quarters Round 17 Round 16B Round 15B
BluesdnpdnpLost 27dnpdnp
BrumbiesdnpLost 19Lost 18Lost 1dnp
BullsdnpdnpLost 8Lost 1WON 13
CheetahsdnpdnpWON 1dnpLost 6
ChiefsLost 14WON 6WON 18dnpdnp
CrusadersWON 14WON 17Lost 9dnpdnp
ForcednpdnpWON 29WON 9dnp
HighlandersdnpLost 17WON 23dnpdnp
HurricanesLost 15WON 19WON 9dnpdnp
JaguaresdnpdnpWON 3WON 13Lost 1
KingsdnpdnpLost 1WON 1WON 1
LionsWON 15WON 2WON 17dnpWON 87
RebelsdnpdnpLost 3Lost 9dnp
RedsdnpdnpLost 23WON 1dnp
SharksdnpLost 2Lost 17dnpLost 13
StormersdnpLost 6WON 8WON 37WON 6
SunwolvesdnpdnpWON 27Lost 37Lost 87
WaratahsdnpdnpLost 29Lost 13dnp


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