NFL Season Review

2006-02-07 05:44:03 GMT

The Superbowl is over, and so too is FF's debut NFL performance. All things considered, it's been a good first season covering American football.

Being new to the world of NFL, I wasn't aware of the Yahoo! Pro Football Pick'em contest before the season started, so I missed the chance to enter FFV4 into a large competition akin to the competitions for AFL, NRL and Super14. Consequently, I don't have great metrics with which to measure FF's performance against the masses. Yahoo! has made some of its competition data public, as can be seen in this screenshot.

FFV4 finished the regular season with 174 correct picks. So the outcome is that FFV4 defeated all four of Yahoo's experts, and came level with the Yahoo! Users Consensus Picks. The Consensus picks flatter the users though, particularly in an easy season that saw the favourites win much more often than not. However, Yahoo! also lists, for each and every game, the percentage of users who picked the consensus team. Therefore it's entirely possible to calculate the average score of the Yahoo! Users, should some time-wasting no-life loser be obsessive enough to do the arithmetic. Fortunately, I fit the bill.

Accordingly, I can tell you that the Yahoo! Users average score for the regular season was 162.6, assuming I can do my sums. Yahoo! failed to list a percentage for a couple of games, so I assumed every user got those games right. Therefore that average score still flatters the Yahoo! Users.

In any case, it seems clear that FFV4 defeated a clear majority of humans. And FF's humble aim is to beat most of the humans most of the time. Let's see if FF can do it again when NFL returns in September.


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