The Error for a particular match forecast is the difference between the forecast margin and the actual match result. For example, if Sydney is forecast to defeat Brisbane by 13 points, but Brisbane wins by 11, then the Error is 24.
Fair Odds
The Fair Odds for a match are Footy Forecaster's assessment of what head-to-head odds should be offered by betting shops for that match.
Long-Range Forecast
A forecast that is more than one round/week into the future. Such forecasts are subject to change as interim rounds/weeks are completed. Consequently long-range forecasts do not contribute to the official scoring record.
Mean Error
The Mean Error is simply the average of the individual match forecast Error values for the given season.
Median Error
The Median Error is the Error that 50% of individual match forecasts have been within for the given season.
A team's rating is Footy Forecaster's quantification of a team's strength, based on that team's past results, with the value representing by how much the team would win or lose if they played an opponent of "average" strength at a neutral venue. For example, a rating of +10 indicates that a team would defeat an average opponent by 10 points at a neutral venue. Positive ratings indicate a winning propensity whilst negative ratings indicate a losing propensity.


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