Super12 Tipping Review

2005-05-19 08:55:42 GMT

With the 2005 Super12 qualifying season having ended the time has come to perform a post-mortem on the tipping performance of Footy Forecaster V4.

As has been the custom in the last few years, FF was entered into the tipping competition so that its performance could be gauged against a large group of tippers. As can be seen in this screenshot, FF V4 achieved an above average score in each and every week of the season. Consequently it recorded an outstanding final score of 51, some 6.9 points above the average of 44.1. Given that the season consisted of just 66 games, this is a massive differential and was good enough to leave FF V4 ranked an impressive 670 out of 37597 tippers.

Of course, a result this good is a mixture of good luck and good management. Whilst good luck has been plentiful in FF's Super12 tipping it is currently in short supply elsewhere. Especially in AFL tipping.


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