Raising The White Flag

2005-05-10 09:10:42 GMT

Humans hold a number of advantages over Footy Forecaster. Being able to drink beer and have sex are two that immediately come to mind, although not necessarily in that order. In more select cases the advantages may even include things such as conscious thought and the ability to reason.

Gratifying as these advantages may be, a more relevant advantage for footy tipping and betting is that humans are aware of suspensions and injuries. So when Fraser Gehrig was suspended for the Geelong game, it is fair to say that the humans took the upper hand and FF's selection of St Kilda was looking a tad shaky.

Human nature being what it is, I pinned my hopes on the return of the underdone Riewoldt. However, things took a turn for the worse when Hamill failed to line up, a further turn for the worse when Jones did his calf, and a sharp turn towards catastrophe when Harvey did his hammy. Despite this procession of setbacks St Kilda still got on top of Geelong, and that flicker of hope continued to burn within.

Of course the trouble with blokes getting injured early in a match is that the remaining blokes tend to get a bit puffed as the match wears on. And an opposition coach can generally be expected to use this as a psychological boost should his team have a sniff of a comeback. With that in mind, I reckon Mark Thompson must have been doing cartwheels at three quarter time when eight or so St Kilda players decided they needed a cup of tea and a lie-down in full view of the Geelong huddle. The white flag had been raised and the final chapter of another sad tipping story was about to be written.

All whinging aside, FF can at least reflect on solid-to-good results in the last two weeks in all three leagues. Its AFL and NRL tipping performance is still unusually poor for this time of year, but the trend is upwards at least. Meanwhile, it just keeps on powering along in Super 12.


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