For The Love Of IE5

2005-04-28 05:42:53 GMT

In developing FF V4, I did the right thing and tested the site with many browsers. I even set out to do the right-er thing and test it with old browsers. However when it came to IE5.x it was just too much like hard work to uninstall IE6 and install the old junk. So I took the soft option.

Soft options are soft for a reason, so it therefore came as no great surprise when I recently received correspondence to the effect that FF doesn't work under IE5.x. This time I took the harder option, and FF now has a few minor hacks that should result in it rendering to an acceptable standard under IE5.x. Thanks to Steve and Deano for bringing the problem to my attention.

In my own mind at least, this means that FF's browser support is now complete for Windows browsers. If you are still experiencing problems, and therefore beg to differ, then please contact me. Additionally, I'd like to hear from users of other operating systems who may be able to offer feedback about FF's performance under the likes of Mac OS X and Linux. Here is a screenshot of what the layout is supposed to look like. IE5 only manages a close approximation. Older versions of IE don't have a hope.


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