Do You Feel Lucky Punk?

2005-04-11 14:49:06 GMT

If there's one thing I can't stand when betting or tipping, it's backing a rank underdog only to see them lose in a heartbreaker. I've had ten days to come to terms with Essendon's Round 02 fade-out against Carlton, and I must admit that the ole ticker is still broken. The disaster that was AFL Round 03 has done little to ease the pain.

Of course, when you fall off the horse, you need to just get back on. Looking at the NRL betting markets on Friday, I was surprised to see that FF was forecasting six underdogs to get up. So I threw a leg over my trusty steed (whoa nelly) and galloped Holy-Grail-style down to the TAB. The hard-earned was duly plonked, three of the six underdogs got up, and I pocketed a 7.5% profit. Sounds meagre I know, but if I made a 7.5% return in one weekend in property investment I'd be a certainty to score a book deal and a seminar tour. So I'm happy.

Good tipping is another source of happiness, so I really should talk up FF's Super12 performance a little more. Seven weeks in, and FF has exceeded the average in each and every week, leaving it ranked 1007 out of 37249 tippers. Can't be anything other than happy with that. Of course the NRL and AFL stories are not so pleasing at this stage, but FF may have turned the corner in NRL with it having exceeded the average for the last two weeks.

As an aside, FF last week picked up a surprising number of visitors from Dockerland. Seems that someone of the purple persuasion mentioned FF on the forums, with approximately 350 people following the link in four days. I guess that means that the DL forums are popular, and rightly so given the level of wit on display. Witty they may be, complimentary they are not. Vending machine indeed.


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