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2005-03-30 14:33:07 GMT

A funny thing happened this week whilst beavering away in the dead of the night on my beloved FF; I noticed that I had a couple of errors in the NRL database that affected the home ground advantage classification of a few matches. "Eureka" I thought, that's why FF's score is a pitiful 8/21. So I fixed the errors but, alas, the score remained a pitiful 8/21. I realised that I could no longer kid myself and that I needed to face up to the real reason why the score is so pitiful: the Broncos are a bunch of contrary muppets. One week they lose at home to the Warriors, the next they beat Sydney away. Why can't teams just win or lose when they're supposed to? Good Friday was anything but.

Anyways, pitiful score or no pitiful score, I have uploaded the database fixes. Consequently, there has been a subtle change to the forecasts for the first four rounds of the NRL season. OK, so it's bad practice to change a forecast after the fact, and the Bureau of Meteorology would never stoop so low, but these fixes will ensure no unfortunate knock-on effects in future rounds. None of the selected winners have changed. Rather, there has just been very minor changes to the forecast margins and associated probabilities and prices. Please take another look at the Round 04 forecast if you've already seen it this week.

I've also tweaked the Season Forecast page to produce better final ladder forecasts for AFL and NRL. Additionally, FF is now generating a forecast for the finals fixtures in these two leagues. You can get to them via the Round Forecast pop-up menu.


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