Those Rascally Rabbitohs

2005-03-21 05:41:10 GMT

Being a dork, and liking physics, I've always had a soft spot for universal constants. I especially like the way that universal constants can often be found in less scientific fields: I will always forget to turn off the iron, pizzas can always be improved by adding anchovies, and the Rabbitohs will always be hopeless. Hmmm.

And so it was that NRL 2005 Round 02 was as frustrating as an episode of Lost. South Sydney, the Warriors and North Queensland all won their matches and therefore completely contradicted all previous evidence. It's been a brutal start to the NRL season. FF's score of 3 was at least on a par with the humans this week, with the average being 3.0. High time for FF to start asserting its authority.

Super12 continues to be a happy hunting ground, with FF having outscored the average in each of the four weeks thus far. This puts it a full 2.7 points above average with just 24 games completed. Long may it continue, although history suggests that an accuracy of 79% is not likely to be sustained.

In other news, the AFL season is about to begin in earnest and FF's traffic is already starting to spike accordingly. Five hundred visits on Friday alone. A modest figure by the standards of many websites, but I'm chuffed nonetheless. And you may have noticed that the AFL and NRL Ladder pages are now operational. A thousand humble apologies to Super12 fans, but the bonus points system creates a level of complication that I am just not going to tackle at this time.


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