NRL Tipping Review

2005-09-06 05:20:31 GMT

The 2005 NRL competition has ended with FF V4 achieving a solid result. Its score of 102 put it 2.7 points above average and left it ranked 6236 out of 30497 tippers as shown in this screenshot.

As with the AFL performance, FF V4 recovered from a poor start to the season. At the halfway stage, it was some 0.7 points below the average but came home with a wet sail. Overall, it was a very tough tipping season for all concerned with the average of 99.3 being well down on the average of 110 in 2004 and 107.1 in 2003.

Looking ahead to the finals series, FF is backing Parramatta to squeak past St George-Illawarra in the big one. Of course, FF is oblivious to the fact that Doughboy Hindmarsh is injured and that his recovery has been delayed by his inability to resist the charms of a humble doughnut. You can't have your doughnut and eat it too.


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