Super14 Is Here

2006-02-09 16:46:53 GMT

The Super14 forecast is up, but it's FFV4 powering it, not FFV5. It turns out that I've been a teensy bit optimistic in thinking that FFV5 could really be unleashed by tonight; no amount of Red Bull is going to produce an overnight miracle. So rather than make a buggy release, I'm going to soldier on with FFV4 for the time being. FFV5 is officially delayed, indefinitely.

Sticking with FFV4 for now is no tragedy given its strong Super12 performance last season. However, since FF started covering NFL, the situation is that FF has exactly 4 days per year in which there isn't a season in progress. Those 4 days are an ideal time to change the forecasting model. Those 4 days end tonight when the Blues v Hurricanes match starts. A patient man would wait until those 4 days came around again next year. I'm not a patient man.

Anyway, it's great to have the rugby back, and it's great to see two new teams in the competition. Looking at the FFV4 Round 1 forecast, it's clear that one forecast differs very substantially from the opinion of the bookmakers. That forecast being for the Force v Brumbies match. Given the fact that this match is being played in Perth, and bearing in mind the highly indifferent form of the Brumbies over the closing stages of last season, I am somewhat mystified as to why the Brumbies are red-hot favourites. Nobody has any real clue how this match is going to turn out, but I reckon FF's opinion is pretty sensible. Jinx!


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