V5 Tomorrow Night

2006-03-20 14:48:14 GMT

"The ox is slow, but the earth is patient." As AFL fans would probably remember, Mick Malthouse once recalled this Confucius one-liner. At the time, we failed to recognise this behaviour as an obvious sign of senility. These days Micky has moved onto various crazed references to Kyoto, Bush and global warming, but I'm sticking with the ox quote until FF V5 is finally released.

Progress on V5 has indeed been as slow as an ox. However, my patience wears out a little faster than that of the earth, so I'm making the call that FF V5 will be released tomorrow night. That being Tuesday night, Australian time.

As the NRL and Super14 seasons are already under way, the release of FF V5 will be slightly painful in that it will cause a discontinuity in the forecasting. More specifically, the Archive will be showing what V5 would have forecast so far in 2006, instead of what V4 actually did forecast. Likewise, the Progressive Score. This is obviously not an entirely desirable situation, but it's altogether easier for me than trying to simultaneously run V4 and V5 side-by-side. And given that this site is free, I have a strong preference for things that are altogether easier.

V5 does not include any major user-interface changes. Not even so much as a new colour scheme. So it's going to look a lot more like evolution than revolution. All up, V5 is only a modest improvement over V4 in terms of the forecasting performance. However, it addresses a lot of issues that have been giving me headaches behind the scenes. In particular, V5 solves a lot of problems that were preventing V4 from being able to deal with the crowded and crazy fixture list of the English Premier League. Consequently, FF will be carrying EPL forecasts from this August.

Anyway, besides V5 itself, the new weekly forecasts for NRL and Super14 will go up tomorrow night, as will the 2006 AFL fixtures and forecasts. All in all, it will be a major relief. The dark circles under my eyes are testament to the fact that I've gone the extra mile in the last few weeks, and I'm ready to move onto something else. Namely the many new features I plan to implement in the coming months.


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