V5 Has Landed

2006-03-21 17:06:12 GMT

OK, so I made good on my promise of yesterday. V5 doesn't look much different to V4, but there are changes aplenty under the bonnet.

As you might notice, V5 is one point ahead of where V4 was in Super14, and one point behind where V4 was in NRL. You may possibly be thinking that something must be broken inside my head for me to be willing to sacrifice a point in NRL. Well I'm so tired at the moment that I can't really determine whether something in there is broken or not, but I am confident that V5 will outperform V4 over the long haul.

The NRL match that cost the point was last weekend's Sydney v Melbourne game, with V4 picking Melbourne by 1 point, but V5 picking Sydney by the same margin. You win some, you lose some I guess, but the losses do seem to have the uncanny habit of being particularly cruel.

The main other point to note about V5 is that it includes the launch of the Footy Forecaster feed. If you don't know what a feed is, rest assured you're not alone; there are people who work in IT for a living who don't know what a feed is. And I was amongst their number a few months ago. In any case, the Footy Forecaster feed will hopefully solve the problem of people visiting on Mondays, only to be disappointed about the lack of a new forecast. That is to say that you'll have the option of checking the feed before deciding whether to visit. You can find out a little more here.


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