Correction To S15 Forecast

2011-06-01 16:06:17 GMT

In entering the results for Round 15 of the Super 15 season, I had inadvertently switched the scores in the Stormers v Brumbies match. As a result, FF recorded the result as Brumbies by 13 points, instead of the Stormers by 13 points, and this robbed FF of a correct tip. With these scores now corrected, FF's progressive score is correctly adjusted from 72 to 73. Many thanks to Michael for drawing my attention to this error.

The error also affected the Round 16 forecast. The correction has not changed FF's selection for Round 16. However, the Stormers are now selected by 10 points (instead of 7 points) over the Rebels, and the Reds are now selected by 16 points (instead of 13 points) over the Brumbies.

Many humble apologies for any inconvenience caused.


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