Footy Forecaster Sells Out

2009-08-13 15:38:06 GMT

If you are a regular visitor to this site, you may have noticed the recent addition of some ads. Indeed, unless you are legally blind, you could hardly have missed one of them.

Whilst the addition of these ads is probably not enough to lump me into Kevin Rudd's "extreme capitalism" category, there's no denying that they mark some sort of significant departure for Footy Forecaster. A transition from time-consuming passion and hobby to, well, a time-consuming passion and hobby with pocket money.

As Footy Forecaster costs me about $US300 per year in fees, the pocket money will certainly come in handy. With Footy Forecaster having been in operation for 8 years, the total cost to me amounts to a non-trivial figure. This fact has not been lost on the domestic financial controller, so the pocket money also serves an important function in terms of maintaining domestic harmony.

In the interest of full disclosure, I think it's necessary to speak a little of the commercial arrangements. In regards to Casino Advisor, it's a flat annual fee; I don't get anything if you visit them, register with them, etc. In regards to Sportsbet, I receive a commission if you register a betting account with them after having clicked the banner on Footy Forecaster; I don't get anything based on your winnings or losings. That is to say there is no conflict of interest between the forecasts on this site and how I earn any money from Sportsbet. Nonetheless, I remind you at this point that you are bound by the Terms Of Use of this site.


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