The Bulldogs Are Painful

2009-04-07 13:16:26 GMT

I wish the NRL would work out a better way to discipline clubs than to dock them points. Don't they know I'm trying to run an automated site here? Life is so much easier when you can calculate the correct points tallies simply from match results. The Bulldogs have a history of being painful. Such as that woeful 37 point docking some years back. Oh well, what's another code hack between friends? Many thanks to Marvin for bringing the situation to my attention.

I've also made a correction to the Round 3 forecast for AFL. I had the venue of the Port Adelaide versus Melbourne match as the MCG instead of AAMI stadium. This has now been corrected, with the result being that Port are now forecast to win more convincingly, as you might expect.

Furthermore, there was a nasty error occuring when users where trying to view the long range forecast for the AFL Qualifying Finals. I thought I was so clever when I made FF send automatic e-mails to me when such errors occured. Didn't feel so clever today. It was like I was spamming myself. Anyway, the problem is now fixed.


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