Richmond's Grand Final Recollection

2019-11-06 13:39:35 GMT

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Richmond's Grand Final recollection series an insight into how united they are

Richmond have launched a postseason series that basically looks back on the spectacular Grand Final win and what the players were like leading up to the game and obviously after it as well. It's a simple initiative but a very revealing one given how honest the players come across. What stands out the most though is how united this group have become and on the balance of things, it does seem like Richmond could be hard to stop next season.

For instance, Josh Caddy's insights into halfway through the last quarter of the final are particularly interesting as the wingman couldn't help but feel a sense of calm knowing the job was done as they were ten goals up. This inspired Caddy to turn to Jayden Short and tell him that he was now a premiership player despite the final siren having not yet sounded, this prompted Short to shoot him a look back and tell him to 'keep concentrating'.

It's small anecdotes like that that have you convinced that Richmond have assembled a group of winners that won't be content with just winning the 2019 Grand Final. In fact, at 7/2 to win the 2020 Grand Final in Aussie Rules betting it looks a distinct possibility that this team will go on and achieve top honours again.

More interesting tales from that wonderful day in September come from the impressive Bachar Houli. It must be said from the off that Houli is a class act and an individual whose influence goes beyond just the realms of just Aussie Rules. A clear example of that is in the lead up to the final where Houli had his academy running during the week which he said helped him to shift his focus onto other people instead of himself.

You can imagine how a lot of people would have been absorbed by the big day and seeing their names up in lights but not Houli, he was on the training field helping the younger and less fortunate players of his academy just days before his side would go on to win the final.

On the day of the actual final Houli speaks about how the Tigers decided to celebrate every small victory regardless of the score, whether it be a tackle, punch or stopping a goal. If you watch the highlights back now you can see lots of high-fiving and congratulating from the Richmond players after these moments which is a testament to how much the players inspire each other.

It's not often that a group of professional sportsmen come across as selfless as the Richmond players do and you feel that desire to put the team and others first is the reason that they have now won two Grand Finals in three years.

Make no mistake, if this camaraderie continues at Richmond it will take something very special to stop them doing the double next season. Some would even argue that the only people capable of derailing this juggernaut are Richmond themselves.


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