Hawthorn Peaking Too Soon?

2015-07-28 13:05:37 GMT

Hawthorn's run of impressive floggings has seen them achieve their highest ever FF rating of +55.27. In FF parlance, that makes them a 55-point better team than the competition average.

FF has a total of more than 7000 round ratings of the 18 clubs, from the year 2000 onwards. Hawthorn's rating of +55.27 is the 6th highest round rating ever recorded.

  1. +60.81 Collingwood (2011 Round 20)

  2. +58.72 Collingwood (2011 Round 16)

  3. +57.90 Collingwood (2011 Round 21)

  4. +57.10 Essendon (2000 GF)

  5. +55.84 Geelong (2011 GF)

  6. +55.27 Hawthorn (2015 Round 17)

Over the course of FF history, ratings of +50 have been rarely achieved, and never sustained. Only the four clubs mentioned above have reached that level, with the longest streak being Collingwood's 7 rounds from 2011 Round 15 to 2011 Round 21; a year in which they failed to win the flag, denied by a 3-title team that reached its zenith just weeks later.

Indeed, even ratings of +40 have been rarely reached, and rarely sustained. The only clubs to do it, and the total number of rounds above 40:

And the best streak above +40 that each club managed:

For those with good memories, the long streaks haven't reliably coincided with premiership years. Also interesting to note that a rating of +40 was never achieved by Brisbane's 3-peat side, Port in the early noughties, Sydney 2005/06 or West Coast 2005/06.

Hawthorn are presently on a +40 streak of 2 weeks, and a +50 streak of 1. With West Coast threatening to break +40 for the first time.


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