Garry Lyon says Roos must take responsibility

2015-08-25 11:05:57 GMT

Guest post written by Ben Pahor

Garry Lyon says Roos must take responsibility

Melbourne great Garry Lyon has launched a scathing attack on Dees' coach Paul Roos, questioning his approach to coaching the club.

Lyon said on Footy Classified on Monday night that he is fed up with the lifeless performances of the side.

Melbourne started overwhelming favourites against the bottom placed Blues last week, but were blown away in the first half and are at long odds to beat Fremantle this Sunday, click here for AFL betting 2015 features.

"I thought it was appalling.", Lyon said.

"It was a soulless, insipid display. I didn't see effort yesterday. I looked at it and thought they don't care."

"I didn't see that negativity against Geelong. I would have thought after that game, the building blocks were there to get uncompromising effort until the end of the season."

But Roos criticised the "negative environment" surrounding the club on AFL 360 on Monday night.

The Melbourne coach said the whole club was responsible for the stigma around the club.

"There's no doubt there's a veil of negativity that exists around the whole football club and it's fuelled by everyone", Roos told Fox Footy's AFL 360.

"Every club has a perception ... I've only been here two years, but what I have noticed is that it is a very negative environment. I can't help what's happened in the past."

"It's hard to put into words how disappointing it is."

"I'm learning a lot about the Melbourne Football Club, because I've never been there prior to last year."

But Garry Lyon said that the buck must stop with Roos and that he must take responsibility for the negative performances. Footy Classified's Matthew Lloyd agreed that Roos' coaching style is currently not doing enough to help the club move forward.

"I think Paul Roos was great for Melbourne, because he's given them hope", Lloyd said.

"But in terms of actual coaching, I believe he's got an outdated game style."

"They play a brand of football that is very much one-on-one in defence, one-on-one through the midfield, and he is being badly exposed by some of the other coaches."

"All the top four sides don't play that way anymore. So there is big question marks on Paul Roos."


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