Counting Chickens

2005-07-13 01:15:49 GMT

Don't count your chickens before they hatch. Sage advice. And advice that resonates a little more strongly this morning after the Poms lost the cricket overnight. Suck it down ya mongrels.

Of course cricket isn't the focus of this blog, but the counting of chickens is still somewhat topical for fans and supporters of West Coast. The Brisbane Lions have been going along like a rooster in a henhouse in recent weeks. So much so that the various betting agencies are suggesting that they're almost premiership favourites. Perhaps surprisingly, FF V4 doesn't disagree with this view, with its long range Grand Final forecast this week being Brisbane to defeat West Coast by 2 points. Furthermore, FF V4 has almost installed Brisbane as the number 1 ranked team after Round 15, with a rating of 40.29 only just lagging the almost-all-conquering Eagles' rating of 40.34. An unusual circumstance given that Brisbane are 8th on the ladder.

Further interesting trivia can be found in the media's ongoing attempts to point out that West Coast aren't nearly as dominant as other teams that have assembled records in the vicinity of 14-1. In particular, Essendon 2000. Most folk, particularly those without blue and gold coursing through their veins, tend to nod in agreement. FF V4 doesn't toe the line in this regard, with Essendon having only been rated as 39.35 after Round 15 2000. Therefore FF V4 considers Essendon, as at Round 15 2000, to be inferior to either West Coast or Brisbane at this time. In summary, your view of the situation probably depends more on your personal allegiances and bias than anything else. The West Coast v Brisbane game this weekend should do much to sort things out. FF says West Coast by 11 points.

Two other chicken counting stories could be found in the NRL's most recently completed round. Newcastle and South Sydney have been reliable losers this season, and have brought relief in an otherwise difficult tipping year. Sadly the chickens came home to roost on the weekend. All was not lost though, with FF still recording an above average round. After a few topsy-turvy weeks, FF V4 currently sits 0.2 points below the NRL average, and, with a bit of luck, it will finally poke its beak out in front of the majority of humans this week. Cock-a-doodle-do.


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